Latinas of la Lucha

Well true to my word, this space was created to show the other sides of Latinas so let’s discuss.

This past week, we lost another WWE legend…The Ultimate Warrior. I was so sad to hear the news because as a Millennial Latina, I grew up watching all these great wrestlers from both the US, and Mexico’s Lucha Libre, such as Rey Mysterio and El Hijo del Santo; they are very much a part of childhood. My tia used take care of me after school when I was kid, so my cousins thought it would be awesome to practice our wrestling moves with the lightest-weight cousins, (so that we wouldn’t break anything and get in trouble) which at that time, I happened to be one of them! *No worries, my tia had very fluffy 80’s couches, they were only allowed to GENTLY toss us towards the sofa 🙂  So there we all sat around the TV watching, the Bushwhackers Brothers make their entrance, Bret the Hitman Hart, Jake the Snake, the endless feud between the HULK (my fav) and Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP) and of course, The Ultimate Warrior (RIP)…these were some of the funnest times growing up, before the world took hold of us and made us hard-working adults…

Recently I saw a documentary on G.L.O.W (Glorious Ladies of Wrestling.) I was completely blown away, because as you may have noticed, I only mentioned men above, aside from Queen Scary Sherri, I don’t remember any of the women and much less do I recall them having an entire story line of only the female wrestlers. The documentary was awesome though, these women were 100% , the real deal, legit wrestlers! It was like the “a league of their own” version of wrestling. Broken noses, broken bones, roughing it out on the road…just like the men. These women were trailblazers and I am so happy that they finally had their HERstory told.

Herstory - Ladies of GLOW
Herstory – Ladies of GLOW

Of course as it usually turns out with most things I read, I found a story within that story. lol. I started to look into how many of the G.L.O.W.  women   were Latina or Latin descent. There may have been a couple more but Erika Marr “Spanish Red” and Lisa Moretti “Ivory” seemed to have been two of the better known ones. Lisa Moretti has gone on to have a more solidified career within the wrestling world, but not much was found on Erika Marr.

In speaking a little about my childhood earlier, I am happy/proud to say I hail from the beautiful Sun City of El Paso, TX  (true fans know where I am going with this) and no wrestling history lesson is complete without mentioning the iconic Guerrero Family, who encompass all three of the elements mentioned: Latinos, wrestlers, El Paso.

El Paso pride! Eddie Guerrero "Latino Heat"
El Paso pride! Eddie Guerrero “Latino Heat” – “Viva La Raza”

Most notably, “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero (RIP) still beats strong in the heart of our hometown and through his passing, his wife, Vickie Guerrero made her place in the world of “the ring.” Although it may not have started out as her intent, to me, she is part of the original bad-ass b’s of the WWE because she is also part of the organization itself, as a General Manager. In following up on the Guerrero kids, I found that Shaul Marie Guerrero, their eldest daughter, is following in the family legacy and performs under the name Raquel Diaz for the WWE. Saludos from EP,TX, we love you Raquel, no pressure! 😉

Vicky Guerrero - "Excuse Me"
Vicky Guerrero – “Excuse Me”

I never realized, until I started writing this piece, how consistently wrestling has always weaved in and out of my life. I had not followed WWE in years, then one day I turn on the TV and there they were; I am obsessed with Total Divas, which is a reality show based on the current ladies of the WWE. I am very proud to say that today, we have some more Latinas on the lineup! The show has brought spotlight to the beauty and talents of wrestling twin power duo,  Nikki & Brie Garcia “The Bella Twins” and rookie diva, Eva Maria; way to rock it my fellow Latinas, orgullo! Although, I wonder if they have any Latin traditions or rituals they really hold on to while traveling? I would love to interview them someday, that would be awesome! The Bellas are my FAV Divas, which let me say, I loved them before I knew they were Latina, because they reminded me of …ME! 😀 *oh and big congrats to Brie Bella on her wedding to Daniel Bryan, Felicidades!

next-gen - Viva Latina! - Bella Twins
next-gen – Viva Latina! – Bella Twins

ok ya, I feel like I have talked your ear off, what can I say I love, love these stories that sometimes get lost in the bigger picture, I hope you enjoyed this one!

*and a special big bear hug to my cousin Ernesto (RIP) who was the first one to hang me upside-down from his shoulders and introduced me to the love of WrestleMania, love and miss you primo…

got to meet El Hijo de Santo while I was in Mexico!
got to meet El Hijo del Santo while I was in Mexico

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