Dia de el Amor y Amistad – Valentine’s Day

Aye Dios, what can I tell you…here we are, VALENTINE’S DAY! Here is the problem, which will all make sense in a minute. Like many of my fellow hard-working, game-changing Latina’s, I find myself celebrating this day, SINGLE. Which I actually don’t mind, I have found over the years, as I became more career driven, that Valentine’s dates (dates in general) become more and more scarce. But again, this blog was to be that voice of “the other Latina” None the less, I am not a hater. I actually LOVE Valentine’s Day. I feel like it is a wonderful day to be part of a global synergy thing happening, and just pour out the love, be nice, smile, have love in your heart and help the world go round, at least for one day.

However, I do have some questions, a few years ago on the cusp of my 30th birthday, I felt the world was my oyster, my career was really just beginning and so I didn’t mind working late hours, staying to finish a project, working weekends etc… Fast forward to a few years after my 30th, I am starting to wonder, if in the end I will regret the choices I am making today? Is my biological clock ticking? No, not at all. I still feel 18 and still ready to conquer the world! I am barely climbing into the next ranks, there is no time for man, relationship, marriage, much less baby. That’s how I feel today, but my body is made to only be able to carry a child during a certain time, after that…it’s a gamble. I know many women say “when the time is right, it will happen…” blah, blah… With all due respect, “Dona Maria” pero those days and thoughts are of a different era. This new wave of Latina’s; we are already out of higher education, and we are prepared to battle the world with our quick wit, passionate missions and bachelor’s degree! All of that takes time though, and what if I look back one day and say, I wish I was 30-something and then I would choose differently, well I am thirty-something NOW, so how do I know if I am choosing the wrong door!?

Ugh, you know what this feels like, have you ever seen the movie “Labyrinth?” (the AWESOME 80’s movie, with David Bowie) No? well you should be ashamed if you haven’t, as a millennial this is required viewing, go rent it right now! or wait, stream it on Hulu or Netflix, that’s all the rage these days right? hahahah… ANYWHO, so back to the movie, there is this great scene where the main character, she comes to these two doors, one is the correct door and one leads to …”CERTAIN DEATH” (not really though) but the catch is, that one door always tell the truth and the other one always lies. So in order to open the right door you have to assume you are asking the correct questions, since, in the end, you really can’t be certain! That’s how this feels, like I am spinning in circles trying to ask the “right” questions to an endless riddle. (in case you are wondering, she chooses wrong, but lives)

photo courtesy of andrebulatov.com
photo courtesy of andrebulatov.com

I had a friend tell me once that a woman’s eggs age with her and that the optimal time to have a child, the time your eggs would be the best “batch” so to speak, are during the ages of 27yr -30 yr, after that you are dealing with mediocre eggs. So according to my friend, and science, my kids won’t be the brightest crayons in the box… awesome, yet another thing for me to worry about. Now I’ll have to make sure I have a great job, to pay for all those extra tutors my kid will need!

and then there is the romance of it all, truth be told, my people, we fell in love with The Notebook! We want authenticity, the real thing, the good, the bad and the ugly of love, we want the fantasy of the imperfect perfect romance! ((sigh)) “if I’m a bird, you’re a bird” …”We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.”

such a great movie! So I guess for this particular entry there is no simple answer, for the career-driven Latina; we are a little more outspoken, “strong personalities,” living our life, but don’t get it twisted Cupid, we are absolutely still looking for our “media naranja!”

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