On the heels of so many moving Oscar speeches, including Patricia Arquette’s, I decided to take my thoughts to the virtual pen. Eating my low-cal popcorn, cheering for my favs, I was all there with you. Patricia Arquette wins and we all cheered for her inspiring words for women making equal pay! I almost went to the twitter-sphere to voice my admiration, but decided to wait. Well good thing I did, the whole world woke up to hear the rest of her thoughts as she spilled the tea backstage, LOL…oh boy in the words of Homer Simpson DOH!

Patricia Arquette – backstage speech 

As I listened to the entire speech, I wondered, did I just hear that right? I know media has tried to soften the blow since then, but I am still annoyed, as well as, not surprised. For those that joined on her thought train; no, no, let’s not get it twisted. I just want to also bring to light that, although true, women make $0.77 to a man’s dollar, fact. Women of Color make even less, fact.

‘According to the American Association of University Women, in 2012, white, non-Hispanic women made just 78 cents on a white man’s dollar. For other groups, though, the picture was more grim: black women earned just 64 cents on a white man’s dollar, and Latinas clocked in the lowest, making 53 cents on the dollar.” 

— So although Ms. Arquette has called for “gay people and people of color” to now fight for “us” UM, we kinda have our hands full right now trying to make equal pay to what you make! (p.s. I would have killed for a camera reaction of Meryl, Oprah, Common etc…when that moment happened!)

Ironically, I discovered that same week, that I was making less money than my Latino male predecessor, with double the work load. I then called a friend of mine (Latina) who is an attorney, and while we were doing our girl chat venting session, it turns out she recently discovered that she was making almost $6,000 less than her female white predecessor, yet had double the work load.

I left that conversation feeling so pissed. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised,  I graduated with a History Degree and I have always known that even though we ALL celebrate Seneca Falls Convention, in reality Women of Color are last on the totem pole. It goes: White Man, Black Man, Latino Man or Other – White Woman, Black Woman, Latina or Other . I remember when Hillary ran for President in 2008, I thought “Yes!!! once the white woman gets there then we, women of color, Latinas, will only be about 30-50 years behind” But now as I am getting older and making my way through the world, I don’t find myself being as understanding. I still contain the same knowledge but I have gained battle scars from the work-force/ life … and now I am just pissed about it. We (Latina’s) need to rise and fight for our rightful place! Uncle Sam, I want YOU… to pay up! You owe US $0.46!

“Rosita Adelita” by Robert Valadez
“Rosita Adelita” by Robert Valadez
image taken from google
Uncle Sam – image taken from google

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