‘Mi’ Tiempo Entre Costuras!

I needed to take a serious moment and write some thoughts down on this series. In case you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you grab some wine, a blanket and cuddle up. This is The History Channel, meets The Notebook, meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith, meets chocolate cake! To say the least, this was AMAZING.

As for the love stories, ugh, I hate that I equally had the same bad taste as our lead heroine, Sira. I fell in love with the same gorgeous scumbag she did, I never saw it coming, so I was heartbroken right along with her. Damn you Ramiro, almost made me run out to buy a typewriter!  See abuelita was right; the most handsome man at the dance, always check his feet to make sure you aren’t dancing with the devil!

I felt I could relate a lot to this character, because I am always in this alone place in my own life. When I fall in love, I fall in love deeply, I fall hard, BUT it is once in a blue moon, just like Sira. I refer to her as a heroine, because the movie takes place at the turn of the century, and she with her rebel heart, from the beginning has always gone against the grain (like myself.) More than that, by the end of the season 1 she is about 31 years old and unmarried, an international spy and loving every minute. THAT is why she is my hero, as someone who is now in my 30s and Latina, of course the question always looms about marriage and kids; the thing is, I am not sure I want those things, like Sira, I have an unquenchable thirst to be in the mix of life, I want to go, see, do!

Another thing I loved, THE FASHION. The fact that she is a gifted seamstress adds the colorful story line of the evolution of women’s fashion. I was lost in all the beautiful colors, hairstyle and shoes as the years went by. The influence of WWI, the women, the fashion, all rolled up into the same moment; only someone truly talented could write such beauty. Kudos to the costume designer for this series.

31Sira Quiroga vestido negro 2

The fact that I am history buff means I especially enjoyed her role as a spy against the Germans. I was a freaking ball of nerves, right along with her, sitting in anticipation as she continued to warm up to De Alba, and I almost had a stroke when the orchid petal falls from her hair on to his desk. VALGAME!!! Only to have the Clyde to her Bonnie, Marcus, find her just in the nick of time. Oh and a side note, thank you for showing the different perspective, the Germans all had to learn Spanish. I loved that! As a Latina living in the states and with current conversation of “making America great again” (sip my tea) it was refreshing to see that across the pond, in the 1900s, people spoke Spanish and it wasn’t a big deal, they spoke lots of languages and they moved on.  

What I admired most, was that at the end of season 1 she has taken control of her life. She has made the decision that she is not going to live a normal life, but instead chose the other path, the road less traveled and live everyday in the unknown. I love how she isn’t a perfect character, she made mistakes, bad choices and fell into some serious debt (I feel ya Sira) but then they took her as a single, childless woman, in the 1940s and made her beautiful, exotic, luxurious and an entrepreneur!


If only media today in 2015 could take a note from that and give me more characters like Sira. I feel as I am getting older, society is throwing some shade my way a la Sex and The City, ‘Single and Fabulous, question mark’ but this series, with Sira living an adventurous and fulfilled single life, she makes me feel (as Carrie said) ‘Single and Fabulous, exclamation point’ … Can’t wait for season 2!



2 thoughts on “‘Mi’ Tiempo Entre Costuras!

  1. I completely agree!! I miss this show so much. Wish they were coming back with a season 2. Have you seen anything else you’ve enjoyed for similar reasons since?

    1. Hi! yes I think another similar series would be ‘Chicas del Cable’ on Netflix, it’s different than this one but has a lot of the same elements I loved. It also takes place at the turn of the century, 1920s Spain, fashion, drama, told from female points of view, I love it!

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