Paz Por Venezuela

 DEC. 7, 2015 — Most will miss this news since it’s so late so I wanted to make sure I mentioned it.  I am not Venezuelan and I’m not an expert on all the situation there, so I am sharing my opinion as a regular person watching from the outside. I was in Miami about 11 times this year and I listened to a lot of strangers I met here and there, tell me about their beloved Venezuela and their wishes for a better future…including one of my co-workers who shared his experience growing up there and why he had to leave… there’s a lot of shitty things going on in the world right now…but today the people spoke up and went out to #VOTE even in the face of fear, and Democracy won over Tyranny in one corner of the world, so “Hope” carries on…I am happy for my Venezuelan friends that are rejoicing today 💛💙 #PazPorVenezuela

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