My Fear of the Future

February 2016 — This is a great article…expresses “what” exactly my fear is, I mean the dude called another fellow repub. presidential candidate a p**** and then went on to win NH in the same week ๐Ÿ˜ This is part of my fear, and I could be totally wrong (which I hope I am) but my fear is that we, democrats, are so divided between our two candidates that we will not rally together behind whichever one wins the ticket. If Bernie wins, dems in the middle might go to the right or stay silent. If Hillary wins, there is A LOT of Hillary backlash on the dem side, so I’m afraid if she wins the nom, “berniacs” in outrage will not stand behind the pick at the national vote. If either of those two scenarios have any truth in them, then I have to look to the GOP side and see who is leading…will we be able to heal this divide and come together?

The Rise of Trump






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