Nos Queremos Vivas

April 2016 — Wow…thousands of women took the streets in a protest movement “Nos Queremos Vivas” (We Want Us Alive) marching in 27 different cities throughout México yesterday, in movement to call for the end of female genocide and violence against women!!! “México se hartó de la violencia machista.” QUE VIVA LA MUJER!!! Love and support to our fellow sisters in Cd. Juarez and all of México 💗💪□□□(photos taken from social media)


I saw this on my twitter feed and wanted to share. I was born in a bordertown so dual identity is part of my mission. I remember in college one of my professors opened my eyes to the effects of globalization and specifically on the borderland. So many women that come from ‘el sur’ to work in the maquilas, for like less than $2.00 a day, only to never be heard from again. I did a short research paper on it, Feminicide on the Border. I was lucky enough to have met Esther Chavez Cano who led the movement in Cd. Juarez. opening up the first women’s shelter Casa Amiga. I remember she told me that her time was almost over and the she was proud to see young women getting involved and that it would be up to us to continue to be voices for those women, murdered and robbed of their voice. “Ni Una Mas” was our chant. That was over 10 years ago…and no matter where my career has taken me I have never forgotten those early lessons.

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