I’m With Her

July 2016 — Yesterday was a big moment for me…I have been team “Madame President” since 2008. It was the first time I was completely absorbed by politics, I volunteered for her, followed her on the trail, still have my press pass from her SOLD OUT visit to El Paso and kept her signs from that cycle as a historic momento.

It was the first time (in my lifetime) I had seen a woman come that close! This wasn’t a VP ticket, this was for President and she was there, with the all the men! Standing up tall, with no fear. I thought hey, if she can do that the I can also stand tall at my own job and fight it out with all the men for my own place. I hated the media that always painted her as shrill, demanding, bossy. etc…all the words that are always used to describe strong women who aren’t fitting the model of the status quo. On paper, it was very clear that she was MORE than qualified for the Democratic nomination, but she lacked charisma and personable charm and so the media fell in love with her opposing candidate. 

That 2008 election planted a seed in my life and influenced my career choices, everything that has led me to where I am today. So to have been there to watch her accept the nomination, was beyond expression. This wasn’t just “hey I’m going to go check things out” nope this was my candidate, I’ve been waiting for this moment. The 18 million cracks, we finally broke through that glass ceiling….”The original Liberty Bell announced the creation of democracy; the Women’s Liberty Bell will announce the completion of democracy” – – #Herstory#SenecaFalls #ThisLatinaVotes #MexicanAmerican #ImWithHer

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