Latinas at the Table

August 2016 —  I was so proud to represent Dallas Latinas last year for the NAA Latina Leadership Caucus, and I am beyond honored that I would be inducted into the Washington DC group, to sit at the same table with all these PHENOMENAL influential women like Pilar Avila, CEO of NAA – Esther Aguilera Fmr President & CEO of CHCI, and our United States SBA Administrator, Maria Contreras Sweet (FIRST Latina to ever head the U.S. SBA) … to be among them and meet fellow trailblazing Latinas like Cristina Jiménez from United We Dream and so many others…wow, what a night! humbled and honored 😍😍😍

One of the huge perks of being part of great organizations of Latina power, like the group that I was part of recently, is that we get to listen and learn. As the U.S. Administrator, Maria Contreras Sweet spoke to us, I found out that under her direction the SBA has seen a leap in female entrepreneurs, a 66% growth in African American women entrepreneurs and an 89% growth for Latina entrepreneurs!!! They have so many programs available people just need to know and get in there. Large loan amounts, small loan amounts, they even have a program for people that have been incarcerated and are wanting to get back on their feet. This is the power of change, when we (Latinos) are running things at the top level, THEN we can make real effective change happen, just like The Administrator has done, is doing. 💪👏

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