Supreme Latina

September 2016 — During ‘Hispanic’ Heritage Month, I wanted to share this beautiful moment. I had gone to visit the National Portrait Gallery with a friend and as we walking through the history of the United States, so many familiar names and stories I had read about, (there was also a special exhibit on civil rights and jazz which was beautifully done) As we walked through for hours I started to feel that feeling I always get, whether I am scrolling twitter, watching TV etc.. I am constantly looking and asking “where is our story?!” as I began to give up, I turned a corner and FINALLY.. a Latina! not just any Latina, Justice Sonia Sotomayor… I can’t tell you how my heart filled with pride and I almost wanted to cry. There she was, taking her rightful place amongst the great leaders that will become part of our nation’s history. And as I watched little kids pass by, I was filled with hope, because the next generation of Americans that pass through here will see HER! …and through her, finally see us too, there in National Portrait Gallery… We were here, we are here, we’ve always been here. #HHM #HHM2016 (oh and shout out to Notorious RBG  )


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