Vamos Team USA!

August 2016 — We have a Latina on Team USA!!! youngest in the group and only second U.S. born Latina (third Latina overall, 1984 & 2004) to ever be on the team!!! I ALWAYS love the games, and I am amazed by Simone Biles, mad love for Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman but something made me almost cry, to see this young lady take the floor and see the name Hernández across the screen for the first time for Team USA!!! Wearing the Red White and Blue. It was the weirdest thing I didn’t realize I would be brought to tears. I have never seen that in my life at the games ( a Latina gymnast on Team USA) and coupled with that nasty negative rhetoric that candidate Trump keeps spewing, ugh my heart was just swollen with pride. Every moment we see the beautiful diverse USA team on TV  (just racking up those gold medals) makes me feel like I belong here. More so now that an olympian’s name looks and sounds like mine too.  I, and the majority of Latinos I know, we are all racing home, DVR setting, record, streaming every time Laurie takes the floor.

For all the little girls out there looking at the TV  ** happy tears** 😢💙❤️👏👏👏  #TeamUSA #Latinos #LaurieHernandez #RoadToRio 🎗️🎖️🏅🏆

Laurie Hernandez Floor Routine

Laurie Hernandez

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