Reflections In The Confetti

I came across an article, that an artist, Bunny Burson, is using the confetti that was never used on election night at the Jarvis center, to create an art installation that would bring hope.

It reminded me of  a friend of mine that went FB live the very next morning after the election. Her eyes were completely swollen from all the crying she had done the night before. She had worked on the HRC press team, she said that was the moment that crushed her and she realized what was going on, she had been busy backstage all night she wasn’t watching the news and then she received orders to have the guys wheel back the cannons that had been filled with the confetti, which had been custom made to look like shattered glass … now all these months later an artist has thought of a way to re-purpose that confetti.

Election night: I was working for her super PAC in DC, that night champagne and drinks flowed freely, balloons, confetti ready to pop, I stayed at my desk working until 6p everyone was celebrating since like 2p and I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe until I was sure, I was the only Latina on the team and all I couldn’t even eat or grab something to drink because my mind was consumed with my community, my people back home. I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it was to listen to every rally and all those people always chanting “build that wall” it does something to your spirit to listen to it all day long, day after day, by the time election night arrived, I just needed to know that we were in the safe zone of numbers and then I could relax…that moment never came. I stayed all night and was the last to leave…devastated.

As I am now getting ready to pack up and head home people ask, “why don’t you just stay in DC?” I explain to them, you don’t understand it’s like moving to be with your fiancé and then getting left at the altar, and then remaining in the city so that everywhere you look you see the wedding that never happened…I was here for her, I uprooted my life to serve this election, for this historic moment in herstory. DC will always be a bittersweet memory for me.

Earlier tonight I was going through my own feed, cleaning things up; it seems like it was so long ago and then again it seems like it was yesterday…and at times it still seems like it hasn’t happened yet.  This was my post from November 1st 2016:

I can’t tell you all the emotions that are running through me these days. — I remember the day that man, the one that owns some hotels, the one that went bankrupt, you know, that dude from the Apprentice, yeah him… I remember when he announced he was running for President, I laughed and thought “this dude” and then he said “when Mexico sends people, they aren’t sending their best, they are sending criminals and rapist” I remember I stopped laughing and I sat up, my heart pierced, something in the nation had shifted. As weeks went by I noticed how the ladies in Uptown Dallas would look at me when I walked in and I was the only brown face in the salon. I changed nail salons. I noticed how the old man that always told me ‘good morning’ outside my apartment building all of a sudden stopped. I noticed how the “normal” racism in Dallas, was now something more. As Trump continued to make comments “send them all back” and “we are getting them out of here” and portray us as drug dealers and “Cartel gangs” I also remember how betrayed I felt by my country; America, why was no one outraged?! I thought for sure someone would say he wasn’t allowed to run. Insult after insult towards MANY groups, yet he went on. It is, and has been, QUITE CLEAR what he thinks of our people and many other groups. I remember I felt my soul calling that if ever there was a time to fight for the Latino community, the time was here. This was not a drill, it was time to suit up for battle. In the last year many of us have gone through tons of fights with family, co-workers, friends, spouses, etc…I have had things shouted at me, social media attacks, I have had to call my family in Texas and warn them for their safety. I have had go into a self made ‘social media witness protection’ of sorts, it has been intense. I will never forget how I felt when that man made those racist remarks, I will never forget the disappointment and pain I felt at friends who support him. And I will never forget the anger and hurt I feel, the tears I have to hold back every single time I hear his mobs chant, “build that wall.” — I will also never forget the joy I felt when Hillary Clinton won the nomination, I will never forget the tears that streamed down my face as I watch history take place at the Democratic Convention, I will never forget the pride I felt as I saw my mother, sister and niece get engaged in this election. I will never forget this experience…and one day, in the future, when someone ask, I will remember where I stood on this. And I will be proud to say I stood up and fought, not just for Latinos, but for ALL, for Democracy. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!! to ALL the warriors, I see you, I have seen your post, read the heated comment threads, Lol- and I see you. THANK YOU.
now let’s keep going and win this thing! *and I Rise Up*
#EarlyVote #GOTV #HERSTORY #RiseUp #KeepFighting

As women, in general, we’ve been at this over 200 years, (not to mention for women of color the road is much more steep) yet we can’t seem to shatter that class ceiling. We rise up, yes, but what happens when the system is built to never be broken? Sigh…I suppose that would be a topic for a whole different post. Today I just got caught up in the reflection of the shattered glass confetti, that never was…

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